Self-service in tolling

A-to-Be LinkBeyond™ for self service tolling supports all payment methods including smartphones, Apple watches, cash and coins or bank cards. The automatic toll payment machine (ATPM) interfaces with the customer through an LCD screen.

A-to-Be LinkBeyond™ A-T-P-M is an automatic toll payment machine with state-of-the-art technology to securely automate the payment process.

Benefits & Advantages

By choosing ATPM with A-to-Be, you save money and give options to your customers. But these are just some of the benefits and advantages.

Extendable — This ATPM machine is extendable in its optional integration capacity to connect remote operators with video camera control and license plate capture.
Service continuity — By having multiple vaults per level, it allows maintenance operations without service disruption. It also allows for remote software updates and monitoring.
Cash Security — This ATPM uses reinforced structures, sealed vaults and built-in security systems to ensure that cash payments are secure, prevent fraud and maximize revenue control.
Lower Cost of Ownership — Bank notes recycling, remote assistance, high-capacity vaults for lower operational expenditure, and less moving parts.
Fast setup — This ATPM offers a user-friendly setup and standard based interface.


Product applications

(1) Up to 270 machines., with delivery in progress.
(2) Integration of legacy ACM.
  • Manual toll lanes
  • Semi-automatic toll lanes
  • Hybrid toll lanes

Team A-T-P-M

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