The Challenge: Travel-Time for a Single Origin-Destination

Jorge Lopes, Ana Pontes, Carlos Leandro, João Ferreira, John King, John Ockendon, José Maria Tavares, Nuno Lopes, Paulo Teixeira, Rita Portugal, Sandra Martins, Sónia Carvalho, Tiago Charters de Azevedo


The BRISA problem was to calculate the real-time travel information using the Via-Verde (VV) technology (floating data) and automatic data for the area defined by the triangle A5 Lisboa-Cascais and A9 Estádio-Queluz.
To solve the problem we will be able to make use of the large amounts of traffic data that will soon become accessible electronically in real time; indeed there are two different information sources producing different data for the same object and context. There is a tremendous demand for simple information concerning just the travel-time for a single origin-destination and service level for a motorway section. It was suggested that we should use a Hybrid Traffic Flow Modelling to cope with this challenge.

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