DATEX2.Toolkit – A Working Example of DATEX2

Lopes, Jorge; Dias, Tiago; Costa, Carlos; Fernandes, Tiago


The evolution of Traffic Control Systems (TCS) enables new opportunities for collaboration between road operators, drivers, government authorities, broadcasters and general users, but also presents a need for tools and solutions to share information in an efficient and standardised way. Several projects have addressed these needs, such as DATEX, OTAP, TPEG and DATEX2, providing specifications, demonstrators and solutions to implement traffic data exchange systems and services on a European scale.
Operating upon the same principle, these projects provide a platform integrated with Traffic Control Centres (TCC) applications to capture specific and heterogeneous traffic data formats, convert these into standard formats and transport and communicate them to various traffic agents. As data exchange solutions, they also need to provide additional support mechanisms for monitoring, security and information integration.
Road operators today are faced with the challenge of implementing solutions which facilitate collaboration with a range of organisations. DATEX2 is the most recent specification which enables road operators to communicate information (situations, elaborated data, measures, locations, and others) with other agents using the latest technologies, such as internet, wireless communications and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) based on XML and web services technologies.

Key Words:

Data exchange, Traffic and Travel Information, DATEX, Web Services

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