Parking is such a central concern for mobility – a great deal of the circulation of individual cars inside cities is caused while citizens try to find a vacant space.

Cities, on their end, started looking into personal cars as something they want to discourage people from bringing them to the inner boroughs. Cities do so by charging cars whenever they need to stop and park, as parking lot operators also have always been doing.

Being smart about this mobility problem involves all these players – cities, parking operators and car owners. A-to-Be® Parking™ brings these together, by allowing to minimize the time looking for a vacant spot suggesting one at a distance – or even booking one in advance –, while for operators they have a chance to have an individual commercial approach to each single client, creating loyalty programs and collecting feedback.

  • A-to-Be LinkBeyond

    for Parking

    Grant parking access using multiple methods:
    radio-frequency, license plate recognition, smartphone…

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  • A-to-Be MoveBeyond™

    MaaS Platform

    The MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) Provider is the operator of operators, someone who combines the needs of cities, citizens and mobility operators.

    A-to-Be MoveBeyond™ is our technological platform for the MaaS provider.

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