A-to-Be LinkBeyond™ is the Advanced Mobility Connector on the road side, making sure every single operator and service is part of the integrated offer the MaaS Provider delivers. LinkBeyond™ is the invitation that allows you, MaaS Provider, to invite everyone to the mobility party. If MaaS operation is to become a reality it has to go beyond the software elegance. The ability to use current infrastructures and optimize them is going to determine the success of the seamless mobility experience ambition. And this is what makes it one of the main distinctive factors in A-to-Be offer — where all others stop or enter with unease. It is through LinkBeyond™ that all transport operators and mobility players connect, making things happen on the field — access gantries are activated, fares enforced, barriers open.

From beacons to apps, any solution the traveler interacts with is adopted. If A-to-Be® MoveBeyond™ is the software part of MaaS, LinkBeyond is the hardware one. A-to-Be LinkBeyond™ — no operator is left behind; no mobility experience is interrupted.



Each client has its own self-care channel, whether using the smartphone or online portal
A single app for all transport and service operators
Real-time customer feedback

More information on A-to-Be LinkBeyond for Public Tranport


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