A-to-Be MoveBeyond integrates tolling operations through a single back office system for a seamless user experience.
The operational component serves links the roadside and back office to ensure information consistency.
The commercial component analyzes, processes and dispatches all customer and transaction information through user-friendly account management portals.
Both layers of A-to-Be MoveBeyond are accessible through a web-based interface and run on common storage and data processing structures.

Backoffice Functions

Operational Backoffice Features

Mediation and Consistency

Our technology for tolling checks all roadside transactions for accuracy and consistency, to ensure that all data entering the system is certified and compliant.

Dynamic Pricing

Depending on the time of the day, traffic patterns or for specific road works and operations, the A-to-Be MoveBeyond tolling back office is equipped to implement changes in fare prices for specific periods, or by evaluating traffic flow current conditions and acting accordingly, namely by giving feedback to road user (e.g. through Variable Message Signs).

Trip Building

A-to-Be MoveBeyond monitors and consolidates all user transactions using an engine for implementing business rules for trip building.

Provisioning and Tag Status Management

A-to-Be MoveBeyond broadcasts to the roadside equipment updated information on account holder balance and status. This allows determining how the toll plaza peripherals (lane barriers and signals) behave.

Imaging Processing and Review

Our A-to-Be MoveBeyond technology consolidates and archives images captured by roadside video enforcement systems to allow for the manual review of license plate images.

Commercial Backoffice Features

Bill Processing, Billing, Payment Gateway and Collection

Our billing system is composed of four modules that work in concert to guarantee the correct processing of all customer accounts. Customers receive a single monthly statement that incorporates transactions across multiple toll facilities. Our payment gateway features makes it easy for customers to access their payment information, review transactions and pay an invoice over a secured system, in a timely manner.

Should toll violations occur, A-to-Be MoveBeyond software handles all applicable fees and surcharges for administrative and legal costs.


The toll rate applied to each individual transaction is determined by a pricing module that validates specific charges against the rate defined by the tolling system. The feature also applies discounts and verifies the accuracy of all transactions.

Account Management

A browser-based interface allows performing all necessary account management operations. The operators’ users can create accounts of both pre-paid and post-paid billing types, close or suspend inactive accounts, associate credit cards for automatic replenishment, as well as accept any other means of payment defined by existing business rules.

Revenue Maximization

A-to-Be MoveBeyond solution prevents toll leakage and maximizes revenue by issuing automatic notifications to account holders when low or negative balances or for declined or expired payment methods. The alerts can be easily customized to reflect the account holders’ preferences.

Document management

The back office accommodates document scanning (letters, faxes, etc.) and allows for both manual and automatic metadata classification which enables assisted redirection of documents based on certain identified elements (such as account number or transaction date), as well as account association.

Transponder Inventory

Authorized users may access their transponder information via the BO web interface. By merging transponder data, this module enables tracking of transponder transaction history, including (but not limited to) account holder number and date/time of the transaction, as well as the association of valid/invalid/in lane failure flags to a transponder and of procurement/testing states to a transponder.

External entities interface

Our BO gains versatility and independence when establishing communication channels with external entities such as In state and out of state DMVs, banks and financial institutions, clearing houses, printing facilities, tax authorities, collection agencies, 3rd party ERPs.

Customer Web Portal

A-to-Be MoveBeyond integrates a user-friendly customer web portal for toll operator customers. This self-care portal comprises all major account management options for registered users such as name, address, vehicle, credit card information or preferred means of notification – all without needing to visit the toll operator ́s administrative office. Users can access their statements, replenish account balance or, in the case of post-paid accounts, pay their outstanding invoices.

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