By extending the mobility solutions beyond the inside of a private vehicle, a new challenge arises — How to offer a seamless journey experience to the traveler, regardless of his decision to walk, ride, drive or being driven?

Success doing this involves knowledge, a very particular one. The same that A-to-Be® has been doing in the recent decades, where others remain cautious — connecting the hardware side with the central software systems.

Each transport operator already uses a system of solutions to guarantee the entire lifecycle of service delivery and client interaction. Our solution allows for an easy integration with roadside systems, with a multimodal and integrated mobility budget system, through a single account and unified billing.

  • A-to-Be® LinkBeyond™ is the Advanced Mobility Connector on the road side, making sure every single operator and service is part of the mobility ecosystem.

    With A-to-Be® LinkBeyond™ no public transportation player is left behind, no mobility experience is interrupted.

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