Because we come from tolling, we completely understand our customers’ pain points which allows us to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions in the toll industry and infrastructure management and operations.

Our range of tolling solutions is wide, from the roadside to the central systems, no matter the business tolling model adopted — a range of end-to-end tolling solutions, covering all options through payment clearance for toll agencies in the US and Europe.

. Road-side radio-frequency based solutions

. Road-user charging

. Open road configurations for AET

. Classic toll plazas with channeled lanes

. Self-service and remote cashier manual tolling

. Back Office system


The product design — with over 30 years of experience in Tolling and Intelligent Transportation — answers to three main issues our clients deal with:


  • Toll collection’s nerve center is its back office.

    A-to-Be MoveBeyond™ integrates all tolling operation modes and business processes, in any geography.

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  • A-to-Be®


    Integration with current legacy systems and smooth technological evolution, with cashier or remote using operation in self-service environments.

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  • A-to-Be®


    Paying without stopping.
    Simple and easy as that.

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  • A-to-Be®


    Tolling, dematerialized.
    Our satellite-based and mobile solutions

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