Integrated mobility services with Via Verde

A new backoffice system for payments on the move.

Via Verde - integrating mobility like no other

The Via Verde back office system was developed using Brisa’s group internal competences and skills, both at managerial and technical level, combining the 30 years’ experience operating a unified network of more than ten different road operators and the technological development for both roadside and central systems. This effort was achieved combining a set of external resources, mainly as man-power for undifferentiated components, concentrating core and critical components close to our own resources and structure.

This system is able to enable payments for different service providers, ranging from motorway tolls, car parks, gas stations, ferries to McDonald’s™ McDrive®, with an integrated and full-spectrum customer account management, handling, validating and keeping track of millions of records. Performance is key, able to deal a daily work load in a couple of hours. By having a single central payment system, complexity on Service Providers is reduced, as well as for customer’s clarity on the process. By producing integrated invoicing, both customers and Service Providers benefit, whether through comfort or by reduced both investment and operational costs.

The developed and deployed core applications are responsible for:

  • Mediation (review, validate and process Service Providers events; collects data from roadside systems; data validation for consistency and completeness);
  • Provisioning (prepares and provides service information to the Providers; lists of valid/invalid OBU; exceptions and exempts; behavioral action);
  • Rating (rates transactions, applies discounts, directs to proper account), Billing (invoices and manages transactions, cancelling, changing or managing refunds) and the Payment Gateway (integrates with payment providers, for
    prepaid and post-paid accounts) manage customers’ payment, determining rates, invoicing and charging transactions;
  • CRM manages new client accounts, support existing ones and their claims, accessible through all the channels;
  • Enforcement is responsible for revenue loss prevention and recovery.

From the clients’ perspective these were the key factors which the systems’ implementation managed to attain:

  • Ease of access and use with a geographic wide range of choices, across all service providers walk-in sites;
  • Customer service with swift and flexible account management (such as aggregating several vehicles in a single account), several channels and responsive claim handling.
  • Service Operator support by implementing discounts, integrated invoicing and reporting.
  • Enforcement by adopting revenue assurance good practices and monitoring and auditing key points in the systems full-spectrum.

In 2013, this system managed 3.4 million client accounts, and processed 315 million transactions (almost 1 million each day in average), 60 thousand images reviewed and 10 thousand claims/processes per day.

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Integrated mobility services with Via Verde
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