Managed Lanes


Dedicated Lanes — Integrating lane and on-board systems for Express/HOV/HOT lanes.


A wide range of options including vehicle occupancy and dynamic pricing to determine the eligibility of drivers to use a dedicated express lane, relying on identification methods such as video, sensors (e.g. lasers, radar) and radio-frequency ID.

Identifying vehicles, pricing (when needed) and controlling drivers in dedicated channeled managed lanes environment


A-to-Be Electronic Tolling solution has since been deployed across the United States in South Carolina, Colorado, Illinois and Virginia, Poland and The Netherlands.

Open Road tolling
Electronic Tolling



The Multilane Synoptic is designed to allow for near real-time information on transactions at the roadside, giving control and extended data.

All lanes simultaneously available, with events, malfunction alerts, photos, video and full data on the transaction.

A single environment for all toll sites.



Each vehicle is defined in multiple dimensions and associated transaction, alerts, photos and events, including the vehicle class discrepancies.

Vehicle Eligibility


Depending on the type of vehicle and its occupancy, vehicle eligibility is implemented through High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, adopting truck lane restrictions, and off-peak use of HOV lanes by non-HOV vehicles, or public transit restrictions.



For both value-priced and toll lanes, our solution implements dynamic pricing for real-time mitigation of congestion or fixed time-of-day pricing, as well as occupancy-based toll fare.

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Managed Lanes