Usage-based Insurance


Usage-based Insurance New services based on
driven-mileage and road user’s behavior.


A-to-Be’s solution for RUC creates endless opportunities, taking advantage of the vehicle anonymized probe data collected, allowing for the creation of new value-added services, Usage-based Insurance (UBI) being the most popular.

Adding value for new businesses


With the implementation of satellite-based road usage charging schemes, rises the opportunity for new business lines, making available new value-added services for the road user, such as Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

Behaviour analyzed


Using specific metrics to evaluate the driver’s behavior while driving, the service can determine scores which are then used to prepare advantageous business proposals.

Precise location and geofencing


Using the smartphone’s capabilities for determining precise location, it is possible to define business rules based on the road type used.

Our RUC/UBI can be found in several clients and projects across Europe and the USA.

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