Mileage-based User Fees for both US and European RUC models.


A technology-neutral digital solution designed to support infrastructure funding, using distance-based fees, instead of fuel tax or classic tolling.


A proven, interoperable and flexible solution.

RUC overview

  Connected geolocation
  RUC Back Office
  Connected Vehicles (V2X)
  Roadside enforcement

Multiple modes for all

Our solution is multi-faceted —supports on-board units, smartphone apps, odometer reading, odometer video capture, and vehicle telematics.


A proven, interoperable and flexible solution.



With proven results as the single provider delivering inter-state and international (Canada/US) interoperability, in addition to the only account manager to enable differentiated charges to exclude private roads from charges.



By including odometer capture, OEM and OBD-II based data collection (including electric and hybrid vehicles), 3rd party service provider integration, and pre and post-pay schemes, along flat-fee support, this solution covers all RUC modes.



Accuracy and integrity enhancements are achieved using GNSS location as basis, through Doppler-shift speed, 2-axis accelerometer, vehicle speed sensors and fuel consumption.



We employ a privacy-by-design and security-by-design approach which eliminates potential external outbreaks.

Our solutions for RUC


Road Usage Charge

USA RUC programs satellite-based and mobile solutions.

European RUC

Heavy Goods Vehicle Charge

European toll collection based on satellite for heavy vehicles.

Value Added-Services

Usage-based Insurance

New services based on driven-mileage and road user’s behavior

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