Grant parking access using multiple methods – radio-frequency, license plate recognition, smartphone…


Parking in urban cities has evolved from a frustrating task to a more comfortable process.


What if you could offer mobile app access to your car parks? 

All without having to make large investments, taking the most of the systems you already have installed, and ready to be part of a larger mobility service market, including on-street parking.


A-to-Be’s Parking solution combines radio-frequency with license-plate recognition to identify and verify each car for access to parking garages or street enforcement.


Travelers rely on smartphones to plan, execute and offer feedback on their parking experience.
A-to-Be LinkBeyond™ for Parking integrates with parking apps to identify spots and offer a range of choices that account for destination, duration and price.

Off-street parking
On-street parking
Underground off-street parking

Mobile access


Travelers may access A-to-Be LinkBeyond on their smartphone to reach gated parking garages. Real-time customer service and feedback is available to travelers.

Plan Ahead


Travelers can plan ahead and book a parking spot in advance. Travelers can remotely control the amount of time needed for one or more vehicles.

Our Parking solution can be found in Europe.

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