Traffic Management


Connecting what happens on the road to the nerve center – the Traffic Management Center.


A-to-Be ATLAS™ is our Advanced Traffic Management Information System, an operational management platform for a complete view of operational scenarios, designed for traffic flow and safety – whether by taking action on its own or by allowing operators to take preventive and proactive actions.


A-to-Be ATLAS™ connects activity on the road to the Traffic Management Center. Our product is easily integrable and customizable to ensure optimal traffic flow and safety.

Traffic Management overview
ATMIS platform
Tunnel automation
Audit platform
Variable message signs
Image-based automatic incident detection
Satellite for team dispatch G: Incident Management

Traffic Management


A-to-Be ATLAS™ is an interactive, web-based platform that provides rich functionality for advanced traffic management and information (ATMIS), maintenance operations as well as assistance fleet management.



A-to-Be ATLAS™ is independent of equipment vendors and manufacturers and interrelates different Internet of Things (IoT) / road-side telematics equipment, including, but not limited to:




Video codecs and IP cameras

Remote sensors and displays

Vehicle Location services

Emergency call boxes

Emergency broadcast systems

Traffic counters and classifiers

Automatic Incident Detection (AID)

Weather and environmental control stations


Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Variable Speed Signs (VSS)

Lane Control Signs Tunnel automation systems

Other automation systems (such as water treatment or lighting systems)

Inbound and Outbound communications

At the Control Center level it’s interconnected with videowalls and telephony systems

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