Roadside and Cloud Architecture for C-ITS Services

João Almeida,Emanuel Vieira,Joaquim Ferreira,Jorge Ribeiro,Tiago Dias,Lara Moura

This paper presents a roadside and cloud architecture for the provision of C-ITS services based on the support provided by the road infrastructure. The proposed architecture was developed in the scope of Portuguese C-Roads project with the main goal of managing the V2X communications units and network message flows of motorway operators. ETSI ITS-G5 RSUs are deployed with a cellular link connection for remote control and configuration. They are connected to a cloud MQTT broker based on a geographical tiling scheme, which allows the selection of the appropriate coverage areas to disseminate C-ITS messages. This infrastructure is being deployed in the field, spread by different motorways in Portugal. Centrally, everything is managed and monitored through a C-ITS platform that also offers traffic visualization and event reporting. Furthermore, the devised architecture is independent of the underlying communications technology, so it can be adapted to support other existing and future technologies