HD Maps in the 5G-MOBIX project

Tiago Dias,Jorge Ribeiro,Lara Moura,Daniel Jáuregui,Marta Miranda, João Almeida,Mohannad Jooriah, Joaquim Ferreira

The adoption of 5G cellular communications enables a series of advanced use cases involving vehicle, road infrastructure and cloud communications (V2X) that were previously not possible. For instance, the high bandwidths achievable by the 5G architecture enable the transfer of big chunks of data, enabling transmission of High-Definition maps (HD Maps) between the road infrastructure and connected vehicles (CVs) offering near real-time road descriptions with centimetre-level accuracy. At the same time, the achievable low latencies enable the real-time position and status exchange between CVs and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) and from legacy vehicles as seen by traffic radars. HD Maps and their use in the Spain-Portugal cross-border
corridor (ES-PT CBC) of the 5G-MOBIX Project [1] are precisely the focus of this paper.