Towards Intelligent Mobility: The Mobility Intelligent Cooperative Systems (MOBICS) Platform

A. Luis Osório,Lara Moura,Rui Costa,Paulo Borges

Intelligent Mobility (IM) is a growing development area challenging an integrated management and operations of diversity (heterogeneous) of both cyber-physical and informatics (systems) infrastructures. The approach that has been taken by A-to-Be, powered by Brisa in the SCOOP@F Part 2 project on developing cooperative systems assuring the interoperability among different road operators and across borders, based on vehicle to vehicle/infrastructure (V2X) communications, is presented and discussed. The project is challenging making transparent the specificities of the involved stakeholders for drivers from Portugal, Spain, France, and Austria to freely travel multi-concessions and multi-country road infrastructures under a continuous offering of a suite of mobility services. This requires, beyond a proper operation of the On-Board Units (OBU), an efficient coordination among the participating road operators’ infrastructure (stakeholders). Collaborative models where stakeholders with different technologies, processes, and organizational culture are invited to participate is also discussed.