Cloud Based HD Maps in the 5G-MOBIX Project

Tiago Dias, Jorge Ribeiro, Lara Moura

This paper is centered around A-to-Be’s contribution to the 5G-MOBIX Project. The 5G-MOBIX project aims to provide strong proving ground for the application of 5G technology to the most demanding ITS and CAV/CCAM applications that cannot be supported by previous communication technologies. A-to-Be is contributing with sensor data processing and HD Map production to a trial in the Spanish-Portuguese border that will test CAV/CCAM vehicles using a cloud produced and updated
HD Map. The paper presents the 5G-MOBIX project, the HD Map portion of the trial in the Spanish-Portuguese border and explores the approach of centrally producing and updating the HD Maps as opposed to the more frequent approach of producing and updating them nearer to the Roadside.