Your car is buying you lunch.

McDrive – Your Car is Buying You Lunch

Success stories are all about «love» moments during a customer journey. This story is about A-to-Be LinkBeyond™ for DriveThrough solution relation with McDonald’s® McDrive™ and why people are loving it.
In a 10 million people country with 1/3 using an On-Board unit (OBU) from a single and integrated ETC system provider – «Via Verde» –, these travelers rely on this technology to a multitude of services. It all started with tolling but – as in life so many times happen – humble beginnings lead to greater things.

The challenge McDonald’s® launched at A-to-Be was to allow these 3 million car owners to use their OBU to pay for meals at McDrive™. They would have the chance to choose it as a payment method at each meal, and after
confirming the amount, the account is confirmed and billed, automatically interfacing McDonald’s own system and informing the attendant all is good.
All this is done in seconds, combining optic sensors to detect the presence, license-plate recognition for fraud enforcement, user interface displays and radio-frequency technology for interface with the car’s OBU. Behind the
curtain transactions rely on secure protocols and data transfer while allowing for management to configure each restaurant specific and individual parameters.

In 2016, there are already 11 restaurants from McDonald’s adopting our A-to-Be LinkBeyond™ for DriveThrough solution. From 4,000 monthly transactions in late 2014, the volume of operations tripled in 16 months only. And if numbers are your speciality, zero can be a powerful figure – zero, as in no fraudulent transactions. Ever.
The combination of having a full-proof OCR engine – working with any license plates in the world –, in place for redundancy and control, with the ability to interface with any OBU radio-frequency secure protocol has given each
unique client enough confidence to use the payment method twice each month, in average. All these transactions are integrated with a single bill, credited on the same account you use for mobility, tolling and commuting services.

This is how simple A-to-Be LinkBeyond™ for DriveThrough is. Your car is buying you lunch, but the challenge is on us.

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