It is designed for greater safety, comfort and quality on your clients’ journeys. One of our clients reported that, since A-to-Be ATLAS™ was adopted, there was a decrease of 15% on road fatalities and injuries.

Traffic management goals are increased mobility or improved road safety efficient management of a road network, optimizing the traffic flow while maximizing road users’ safety and comfort.
A-to-Be ATLAS™ is the perfect tool to achieve this while, saving lives.


  • Coordinating complex theatres

    It is from TMC that operational fleets are commanded – road patrols to guarantee drivers’ assistance, protecting and assuring safe conditions, as well as maintenance vans for preventive interventions and repair works. Business is not limited to the road – insurance claims must be managed, road repairs evaluated and charged, situation information is reviewed and reports prepared.

  • Building bridges in a land of roads

    A-to-Be ATLAS acts as a bridge. It connects what happens on the road to the nerve center – the Traffic Management Center (TMC). This is the territory where analyzes are made, monitoring prevents losses and road conditions are assessed. Data flows and information is produced to the TMC, enabling behavior influence and controlling road conditions – acting on Variable Message Signs (VMS), deploying assistance vehicles or getting vital information to the drivers smartphones. These operational theatres rely on well-defined operational procedures to address and follow-up a multitude of emergency and safety scenarios.

  • Business rules

    A-to-Be ATLAS is built around business rules, a reflection of operations’ good practices
    for increasing efficiency, whilst being customizable to meet each client’s specifics. As a truly integrated platform, all aspects of operations management are covered on a single interface, indifferent to the equipment and subsystems varieties, creating a valuable independence from manufacturers.
    By being independent of manufacturers, a Return-on-Investment of up to 58 million euros was achieved.


A-to-Be ATLAS™ is an interactive, web-based platform that provides rich functionality for advanced traffic management and information (ATMIS), maintenance operations as well as assistance fleet management.
A-to-Be ATLAS™ supports the full operations management life-cycle and integrates a wide range of technologies at various levels:

Road-side equipment
Operations management center
User information
Back-office operations
Business intelligence and reporting

A-to-Be ATLAS™ is independent of equipment vendors and manufacturers and interrelates different Internet of Things (IoT) / road-side telematics equipment, including, but not limited to:

Video codecs and IP cameras
Remote sensors and displays
Vehicle Location services
Emergency call boxes
Emergency broadcast systems
Traffic counters and classifiers
Automatic Incident Detection (AID)
Weather and environmental control stations
Variable Message Signs (VMS)
Variable Speed Signs (VSS)
Lane Control Signs
Tunnel automation systems
Other automation systems (such as water treatment or lighting systems)
Inbound and Outbound communications
At the Control Center level, A-to-Be® ATLASTM is interconnected with videowalls and telephony systems

In terms of other business applications, A-to-Be ATLAS™ integrates with several ones, namely:

ERP for demage repairs invoicing and assistence services charging
Geographic Information Systems
Business-to-Business Traffic Information Exchange using standards such as Datex II
Tolling systems
User Information / Messaging solutions such as Waze®, SMS, TwitterTM, websites, and Apps

A-to-Be ATLAS™ offers an intuitive solution for infrastructures of all dimensions, meta-operators and multi concession operators. It supports a diverse set of operational scenarios such as traffic control and information centers, emergency control centers and city management centers.


A-to-Be ATLAS™ is multi-disciplinary and has applications in a variety of domains, such as:

  • Interurban Traffic Management
  • Urban Traffic Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Surveillance
  • Equipment / Telematics Management
  • Tracking and Control of assistance resources
  • Tunnel Management
  • Lighting control
  • Energy management
  • Water Supply and Treatment control
  • Fleet Management
  • Works and Damages Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Asset Management
  • Quality Control
  • Information Exchange
  • End-user Information

A-to-Be Atlas team

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