Smart Cities is a world on its own. For us, it means Urban Mobility, searching for infrastructure optimization, actively implementing transportation policies and answering to growing demands of the citizens. The focus is to be able to deliver solution that envision the optimization of existing infrastructures and operations, whilst maintaining control and steering over mobility policies under the city’s jurisdiction, recognizing that citizens have become more and more demanding.

The range of A-to-Be solutions for smart city players is built to deliver 3 main results:

  • The MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) Provider is the operator of operators, someone who combines the needs of cities, citizens and mobility operators.

    A-to-Be MoveBeyond™ is our technological platform for the MaaS provider.

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  • A-to-Be® LinkBeyond™ is the Advanced Mobility Connector on the road side, making sure every single operator and service is part of the integrated offer the MaaS Provider delivers.

    With A-to-Be® LinkBeyond™ no operator is left behind, no mobility experience is interrupted.

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  • A-to-Be®

    Congestion Pricing™

    Claiming streets for cities that aspire creating better experiences for citizens, strollers and bike riders — Welcome, street freedom.

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  • A-to-Be®

    Access Control™

    Mobility is about getting to places.
    Managing who accesses which is now easier.

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