New contract with Globalvia for ATPM and ETC in Pocahontas Parkway

January 29, 2018

New contract with Globalvia for ATPM and ETC in Pocahontas Parkway

A new US contract for automatic toll payment machines and free-flow electronic tolling.


A-to-Be and Globalvia signed a a new contract for self-service and electronic tolling with Globalvia’s toll road concession, Pocahontas Parkway, in Richmond, Virginia, USA.
This contract is with one of the largest concession management companies in the world and is the most recent significant milestone for A-to-Be, as it marks another delivery of A-to-Be’s proven Automatic Toll Payment Machine (A-to-Be A-T-P-M) solution and open road electronic tolling (ORT) system solution.
This tolling systems’ supply includes equipping 10 lanes with self-service toll payment machines (6 at the main plaza, and the remainder 4 in single-lane ramps) and one open road site for electronic tolling (with 2×2 lanes, plus hard-shoulder).

A-to-Be’s toll management system awarded includes essential components for vehicle identification using video and radio-frequency tags, for accurate vehicle classification, and for EZ-Pass account reconciliation, using an interface with the tolling backoffice.

The Pocahontas project is expected to go live during the 2nd Quarter of 2018’s , adding to the deliveries of A-to-Be A-T-P-M for multiple clients, of which Illinois Tollway in DuPage County is the most recent one, currently planning for A-to-Be to install and maintain up to 270 self-service manual tolling lanes. With this A-to-Be solution, Globalvia is now able to deliver a user-friendly solution, built using the latest state-of-the-art technology that promotes highly secure transactions, remote monitoring and built-in fraud detection mechanisms. Alternatively, the traveler might opt to use the free-flow electronic tolling lanes and thus continue to use the road at normal speed, without stopping — or even slowing down.


«A-to-Be is proud to strengthen the relationship with Globalvia, one of the largest players in this industry», as Pedro Bento, A-to-Be Chief-Sales Officer (CSO), highlights. «The US market is, for A-to-Be, the number one priority as self-service and electronic tolling solutions are proving to be consistent and cost-efficient solutions for all toll road concessions.»
«In the upcoming years, the market will hear more and more about A to Be’s successful venture in the USA», anticipates A-to-Be’s CSO.


About Pocahontas Parkway
Pocahontas Parkway began operations in 2002 and is an 8.8-mile cash and fully electronic toll road with an elevated bridge crossing the James River. It is located southeast of Richmond, VA and the 895 toll plaza links Interstate 95 at Chippenham Parkway (Route 150) with Interstate 295 to create a southern bypass around f the city. It is the only crossing of the James River for six miles in either direction. With its open road tolling service, customers with E-ZPass® may travel without stopping to pay tolls.
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