Video tolling in Poland for GTC

February 16, 2018

Video tolling in Poland for GTC

The A1 Motorway in Poland is a 152-km highway starting in Rusocin, south of Gdansk, and ending in Czerniewice, concessioned to Gdansk Transport Company (GTC) and operated by Intertoll. These toll plazas only allow manual payment through a cashier at the toll booth, using a closed tolling system where all road users are expected to present at the exit lane a ticket delivered at the entry lane.


This motorway faces problems in its throughput in the mainline plaza of Rusocin during the summer period and following GTC decided to study the ETC implementation in selected lanes, by adopting Video Tolling payment system, mixed with the manual payment instead of enlarge the toll plazas.


A-to-Be supplied to GTC a solution in the mainline plazas of Rusocin and Nowa Wies installing 4 lanes (2 entry and 2 exit lanes) as aa Proof of Concept of this new payment solution. This solution implements an alternative payment means based in Video Tolling where the license plate of a vehicle is read and verified against a list of authorized users.


Due to the good performance attained by A-to-Be solution in the first weeks and the increase number of users adhering to the system, GTC is considering to enlarge this pilot to more lanes and even to make available this new payment solution in all lanes of all toll plazas of A1 until the summer of 2019.