A-to-Be launches a new White Paper: Tolling and EV Charging – A Perfect Mobility Match

May 11, 2022

Across the world, the public and private sectors are gearing up for the transition to electric mobility. In the U.S., state legislatures and governors are acting to phase out the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles in the next two decades, and vehicle manufacturers are increasingly electrifying their product lines. But to truly transition to an electrified future, the U.S. needs to build out a charging infrastructure that will ease the “range anxiety” of charging-conscious EV drivers.


This network does not yet exist in the U.S., but fortunately, Europe is farther along this path. There, tolling operators are playing a critical role in helping their patrons find, activate, and pay for charging as a “value added” service for the operator. This white paper will discuss the need for a nationwide, interoperable EV charging network, the qualities that make tolling operators an ideal piece of that network, and examples that U.S. operators can follow from their peers in Europe.


Read the full White Paper HERE