A 16-mile four-lane future

How tolling got changed in South Carolina.

Southern Connector Moves Beyond

A-to-Be was awarded in 2015 a 5-year contract following an open public tender by Connector 2000 Associations, Inc. (Connector). It included the IRP solution as a module for our CSC System to be supplied. The project incorporated as well Integration services, digital cameras, vehicle classification system, lane controllers, the license plate recognition system, and a new Customer Service Center (CSC) system (Back office and an Image Review system). The system included manual operator consoles, POS terminals and a PCI compliant Vantiv TriPOS transaction authorization and processing center. Moreover, we have built and integrated a card payment system for the manual lanes providing Southern Connector with the quick and secure way to accept all credit card types.

The scope of work included – for the entire concession described above – development and Integration services for both AET and manual ACM lanes, Digital cameras, Vehicle classification system, Lane controllers, License Plate recognition system, a new CSC BackOffice A-to-Be MoveBeyond™ and the Image Review system.

About Southern Connector

The Southern Connector is a 16-mile four-lane tollway facility constructed to interstate standards in the new location. The Southern Connector extends from existing I-85 at its interchange with I-185, in Greenville County, South Carolina, proceeds southeast and interchanges with the S.C. 153 Extension, continues east and interchanges with S.C. 20, with U.S. 25 south of the South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center (formerly Donaldson Center Industrial Park) and with Fork Shoals Road before turning northeast and interchanging with I-385 at its intersection with U.S. 276 and Standing Springs Road east of the City of Greenville, South Carolina, between the cities of Mauldin, South Carolina and Simpsonville, South Carolina.

This toll road currently operates 16 lanes (4 All-Electronic Tolling – AET, 4 Automated Coin Machines – ACM, and 8 manual lanes) in both main plazas and 4 tolled ramp lanes with both AET and ACM systems in place. Operations uses a team of 28 cashiers and supervisors working in shifts. Southern Connector average annual daily traffic is around 16,000 with a total of 8 thousand active transponders and 15 thousand pre-paid accounts.

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A 16-mile four-lane future
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