An Open-Road with 3rd party integration

An Open-Road with 3rd party integration

A-to-Be® and Indra Sistemas Portugal, SA where the prime contractors and its  scope of work included the complete Tolling Systems design, procurement, contracting, installation, testing and operation monitoring. Indra was responsible only for the Commercial back office and integration with CRM. All values of services and contract referred here are only for A-to-Be’s contract part. In this all-electronic tolling environment contract, A-to-Be applied its expertise in all of the following areas:

Centralized Toll Host (Functionality/Hardware-Software/Reporting /Data Storage/Archiving);
Toll Zone Controllers (Functionality/Hardware-Software/Data Storage);
Trip-Building Concepts;
Automated License Plate Image Capture and Processing (Video Processing System);
Digital Video Toll Audit systems;
Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) via RF transponder;
Automated Vehicle Classification (AVC);
Automated Maintenance and Inventory Management Systems;
Toll System Analysis, Design and Documentation;
Toll System Development and Testing;
Toll System Implementation and Migration;
Systems Hardware and Software Maintenance.

This project involved 16 Open Road Toll canopies of 6 lanes each, along the 217 km motorway, including AVI (Automatic License Plate Recognition – ALPR), AVC through laser profiling, auditing and video enforcement in a contract including equipment and services and a maintenance contract for a 27-month period. We trained a local
team of SCUTVias technicians to guarantee first line of hardware and systems maintenance. Our maintenance contract includes bug fixing and 24×7 remote support, with problem solving capabilities at a distance as well as to dispatch one of our 40 stand-by maintenance experts with dedicated vehicles.
In 2012 only, this tolling system processed over 40 million transactions, of which 27 million AVI transactions (RFID On-Board Unit) and the remainder 13 million transactions used Video tolling. This equals a total revenue of about
75.5 million US dollars.

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An Open-Road with 3rd party integration
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