Automating Manual Tolling

Brisa concession maintenance services

This 2002 contract (renewed in 5-year cycles and currently in operation) includes the maintenance of a vast field of roadside equipment and systems, covering all Brisa Concession network, namely 800 tolling lanes (both manual
and electronic, classic and open road tolling). The service provides a 24×7 all year round support from a technical helpdesk and a mobile specialized workforce.

The A-to-Be® Monitoring™ services provided are 24×7 repair maintenance, technical remote helpdesk, routine maintenance with mobile team, software support for tolling and telematics systems, and systems remote monitoring. Our maintenance contract includes hardware and software routine and repair maintenance, namely bug fixing and 24×7 remote support, with problem solving capabilities at a distance as well as to dispatch one of our 40 stand-by maintenance experts with dedicated vehicles.

The systems involved and implemented in the contract are 1102 SOS, 500 CCTV, 193 VMS, 38 traffic sensors, 1 weighing station, 23 weather stations, 88 toll plazas, 550 manual toll lanes with ALPR, 255 channeled ETC lanes with ALPR, entire optic-fiber network, 47 manual toll lanes, 20 channeled ETC lanes, 1 double canopies ORT sites (6 lanes) for automatic vehicle identification and detection, video-tolling, ETC, auditing, enforcement, and a complete Operations Center fully equipped with workstations. Video-wall, servers’ data center, and radio transmitter.

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Automating Manual Tolling
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