License plate recognition for mandatory car inspections

License plate recognition for mandatory car inspections

In Portugal, legislation mandates that vehicle inspection centers (CITV) must include license plate recognition (LPR) during the inspection process, for both light and heavy vehicles and motorcycles.
A-to-Be® partnered with ediprinter® (market leader for inspections’ central management systems with a market share above 80%, present in Europe and South America) to produce this integrated A-to-Be® Access ControlTM solution, which allow inspection centers to comply with new regulations.

This solution includes a central module for license plate association with the inspection report. Presently, this solution has been supplied for two of the major inspection companies, totaling 46 centers and over one hundred inspection lines and two hundred cameras.
Inspection report – The inspection file is concluded using the selected photos. The final report is composed with these and the associated image files are preserved in the server.

Integration – This solution is certified for a complete integration with market leader provider of Management Solution for Inspection Centers (GCIA), by ediprinter. Following legislation, it is during the braking systems test that the images are taken. Our solution interfaces with the available providers for these equipments.
Legal conformity – As legislated, our solution uses fixed optical equipment for license plate recognition, allowing also to identify the inspected vehicle during the brake systems testing. It integrates with the central systems, associating date, time and license plate, as well as other saved information. The end report uses these images and presents them together with the performed tests’ results.
Optional features – Not all inspection centers operate using the same equipment and procedures, so versatility is important for the solution design.
Tows and trailers – Light vehicle inspection lines can be installed with a predefined position for rear license plate capturing, allowing trailers’ inspection as well.
Motorcycles – Our solution is also prepared for two-wheeled vehicles’ inspection.

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License plate recognition for mandatory car inspections
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