Road user charge (RUC) Washington Program

A-to-Be and IMS selected for RUC Washington Program

A-to-Be and IMS selected for RUC Washington Program

IMS Intellimec was awarded a full scope contract for provision of Washington State Road Usage Charge Pilot’s implementation and operation, using A-to-Be MoveBeyond™ as the mobility back office solution.

The joint proposal’s success comes from strong RUC references in the states of Oregon (OReGO OAM 2013+ and OReGO CAM 2015+ pilots) and California (Road Charge Pilot Program 2016-2017).
This achievement is also a consequence of A-to-Be and Brisa’s close involvement in projects seeking better road user charging solutions, not just in the US — one of its priority markets — with Oregon and California RUC state programs, but also in Europe with RUC Belgium. It is hence natural to find that A-to-Be has been maturing its technology-based portfolio by including dematerialized solutions for dynamic pricing and tolling, covering both central, road side and wearable (smartphones) alternatives.

Following a 6-month period of implementation, this 1-year operation contract is anticipated to go-live during the first quarter of 2018. Currently, the state is enrolling with volunteers for the pilot.

The pilot project is research that will inform potential future state policy, so participants include urban, rural, and suburban drivers, as well as drivers of old cars, new cars, electric cars, hybrid cars, and gas guzzlers. This will help ensure the results of the pilot reflect a balanced cross-section of the state’s drivers and those who visit Washington. Those selected to participate will get to choose how to participate. Even though each will be reporting on their mileage and receiving sample bills, no actual payment is done, as it is free to participate.

The four options are:

  • Mileage permit: using a pre-selection for a block of miles.
  • Odometer readings: Quarterly readings, completed electronically or in person.
  • Plug’n’play: Automated mileage meter with GPS and non-GPS options for monthly electronic travel reports.
  • Smartphone app: which may be used with a car plugin.

About IMS®, Intellimec

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, Inc. (IMS) is a Canadian company, strategically positioned in the connected car ecosystem to deliver market leading services, including usage-based insurance (UBI), fleet services, personal telematics, and road usage charging, in addition to emerging needs for converged services spanning multiple traditional vertical markets.
With more than 15 years of experience delivering practical traveler-centric services throughout the connected car ecosystem, IMS’ solutions help enable interoperable, intuitive and highly relevant solutions for both the connected traveler and the connected car. These solutions include innovative human-machine interfaces (HMI), context-driven machine-to-machine (M2M) applications and services, and location based services designed to deliver a safer, more productive, and more enjoyable driving experience. IMS has made significant industry-leading advancements in these areas, developing a portfolio of 200 patents globally.
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Road user charge (RUC) Washington Program
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