«Wild! van de spits»

Leveling demand through incentives

«Wild! van de spits»

Wild! van de spits is a peak time (congestion) avoidance project in Rotterdam region. The end client (Grantor) of this avoiding peak time project is “De Verkeersonderneming”, a public entity created to reduce congestion in Rotterdam.

The basic “out-of-the-box” concept behind the service is to positively reward drivers that change their behavior by avoiding to drive at peak hours on certain heavily congested roads, instead of the traditional measure, which is based on tolling those roads. This represents an innovative “carrot” approach instead of the usual “stick” approach to managing congestion. The business case for the Grantor is related to both delaying heavy investments in infrastructure and reducing travel times when it matters, at morning and evening peak times.

The main roles of our client (BNV Mobility) in Wild! van de spits are customer acquisition, customer relationship management, avoidances control and rewards payment. For that, BNV commissioned A-to-Be® MoveBeyond™ as a full Back-Office (architecture illustrated below), handling all back-end processes, such as fraud and privacy assurance or reporting to the Grantor.
The rewarding scheme involved a certain complexity, given that it takes into account the specific month day count compared to the reference level, it uses a based point mechanism to credit the non-avoidances usages.
Also the integration between back office and CRM tool demanded a tight integration development between the core functionalities and the CRM component, allowing the service desk to have all the project information built in in the CRM interface. Fraud detection processes were conceived to analyze participants’ past behavior and identifying potential fraud users. A post follow-up process automatically sends emails to the participant ask for explanations and/or open cases to the service desk team for handling. Reward payments are done through bank transfers (SEPA based) and recharges use transportation card (OV ChipCard) interfaces.

The main business processes delivered in WildvandeSpits project are:

  • Recruitment of participants by direct mail;
  • Determining reference level of participant;
  • Process applications (invited participants and ‘spontaneous’ applications);
  • Selection of participants;
  • Process subscriptions;
  • Registration trips and “no trips”;
  • Enforcement (fraud prevention, -detection and – management in projects with financial rewards);
  • Communication with participants (questions, issues, suggestions, compliments etc.) ;
  • Management of complaints;
  • Quality control (service, technology, data etc.);
  • Reporting (participants, results, quality, progress etc.);
  • Fulfillment (statuses of participants, completion of surveys, meeting conditions to participate);
  • M&C maintenance / interventions (keeping participants active and involved);
  • Processing mutations in personal data and implications of this (does the participant still meet the conditions to participate?);
  • Payments;
  • Debt management;
  • Processing exits.

Project results have been above expectations with already 5.000 participants and a 42% peak hour travel reduction among participants.

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