A Voice Interaction for the LinkBeyond Mobile MaaS Application

André Costa, Manuel Relvas, Duarte Ricciardi, Alberto Abad

New paradigms like MaaS (Mobility as a Service) are emerging based on a holistic view of people’s mobility needs. The A-to-Be’s LinkBeyond Mobile is a multi-service system, made of a mobile application capable of integrating different mobility players supported by a multi-operator Back-End infrastructure. The discovery and/or consumption of some mobility and utility services may be useful to be done while driving (e.g. search for a fuel station or car washing) and, therefore, a non-tactile
interaction with the system is required to preserve safety. This paper describes a voice interaction prototype implementation using a Mobile application for discovering and consuming utility services for the Portuguese context, specifically car washing and vacuuming. It starts by detailing the addressed use-cases followed by a comparative analysis of market voice platforms supporting European Portuguese and, finally, describes the evaluation done to the prototype built based on the chosen voice
processing platform.