An Open Integration Bus for EFC: the ITS‑I Bus

J. Sales Gomes, Gastão Jacquet, Miguel Machado, A. Luís Osório, Carlos Gonçalves, Manuel Barata

The project BRISA ITS‑IBus (Intelligent Transport Systems Integration Bus) aims at developing the architecture for a technological platform and business process modeling tools, able to establish a uniform integration framework to toll related system.
A general purpose electronic fee collection process requires the support from different technological systems, in most cases integrated one by one on a bilateral agreement basis. The growing flexibility required from the toll infrastructures to support new business models and the need to reduce development and management costs are motivating an extra effort from different players to promote standards or, at least, opened and widely accepted consensus. The CEN initiative to normalize DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) under TC-278 is an example of such an effort to promote interoperability and cost reduction by increasing reutilization.