Free flow systems: Fulfilling the electronic fee collection solutions portfolio

Miguel Machado

Brisa Inovação e Tecnologia (BIT) is a business unit of Brisa Group, the main Portuguese highway operator, which is in charge of all the developments of technologic solutions related with toll charging and telematics.
The free flow systems, which allow the toll classification, collection and enforcement on highways, maintaining the normal circulation speed, are pointed out by many as the solution for the future, because it allows an effective and efficient toll collection, with low-cost implementation to the highway concession.

Over the years BIT has developed systems for toll collection on manual lanes (with or without toll booth operators), automatic channeled Electronic Fee Collection (ETC) lanes and now the free flow systems. With this recent development BIT offers in its portfolio of products and system, solutions applicable to all toll collection situations.
This article describes, through a case study, the development, production and installation works done by BIT, of a free flow solution at a Portuguese motorway concession. In this development process, BIT used its innovation network, engaging several partners, from the scientific, supplier and entrepreneurial domains, creating value for the company and the society.