The Open ITS-IBus Service Oriented Middleware for ITS and Services: A Service Oriented ETC Solution

Gomes, J. Sales; Amador, António; Osório, A. Luís; Gonçalves, Carlos; Soares, J. Rui; Pereira, A. Paula

An innovative electronic toll collection (ETC) solution, the SGMP system based on the service-oriented architecture ITS-IBus, is presented and discussed. The open Intelligent Transport Systems Interoperability Bus (ITS-IBus) aims at establishing a multi-vendor technological infrastructure based on pluggable services implementing specialized functionalities like car identification, classification and enforcement. The ITS-IBus is a peer-to-peer service architecture where discovery and advertisement mechanisms and event registration and subscription are used to establish a community of peer services running on systems. These services implement specialized toll functionalities and present standard interfaces and contracts. The services run on systems that, beyond the functional services, implement specialized system services (core services) like administration, configuration, monitoring and security. The paper also discusses the adoption of a model-driven development through a set of Eclipse plug-in tools aiming to facilitate the development of ETC solutions in particular and ITS and services in general.