Our traffic management solutions are adequate for a variety of business profiles, but are specially focused for road operators, concessionaires and authorities, helping them to implement central coordination centers, emergency response units and infrastructure operations theatres.

Safety and traffic flow are what determine people keep using your roads. Complex networks need proactive control, in real-time and in timely fashion. More than 1500 miles and thousands of devices across 5 different operators rely on our solutions. By connecting solutions from other portfolio lines, we enhance and assure better results and efficiency, as with the Audit platform that allows independent auditing of roadside equipment performance and accuracy.

Our traffic management portfolio aims to resolve three main issues we’ve understood our clients have and which the competition has failed to address properly:

  • A-to-Be® Atlas™ connects what happens on the road to the nerve center – the Traffic Management Center.

    Integrated and customized, this operational management platform is designed to ensure both traffic flow and safety.

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  • A-to-Be®


    See everything.

    Control and act on complex operational theaters. This is what A-to-Be VideoWall™ provides.

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